What skills should you look for when hiring

a video editor


If you read our post, “What To Look For

When Hiring the Best Unlimited Video

Editing Service,” you may have more

of an idea what to look for before you

hire an agency. 


Feel free to read it for more guidance

about finding the right services for you,

if you haven’t had a chance to

check it out. 


Now, you’ve found a company that

seems to match the points we made.

Location wise, the turnaround time

frame, and quality expectations,

but what really attributes to good quality content? 


Great video editors that know what they are doing!


Anyone can make simple cuts and simple audio and light adjustments, but not everyone will have the skills and resources to make the final product look exceptional. 


So, what makes a good video editor? 


Color Grading 


An experienced video editor knows color is an important element in any video. 


Color grading in comparison to color correcting serves as a method to stylize the color scheme of the video. 


Each footage taken has a color grade and depending on how it's adjusted, it changes and gives the video a certain look. 


 That look can emphasize a certain emotion or idea that needs to be conveyed by the viewer.


This color grading method mostly always needs to be decided before the grading is actually done. 


It is necessary that you make those expectations clear with your editors for best results. 


Make sure you also look at the video editor’s portfolio for a better idea of their work and experience, especially with this aspect of the video. 




An experienced video editor uses your time and theirs effectively.


You have a time frame and they have a deadline to meet. Hopefully, the company you have chosen made sure to hire the best video editors for their team.


Measuring efficiency for an individual video editor or the agency in general may be a little more complicated to pinpoint if you are looking for specific answers.


The only reference you may have is their turnaround time frame, which we discussed, should be between 1-2 days. 


While you may not be there to witness the whole process the video editor takes to produce a refined version of your content, you can still ask them what their process is and what their average time frame is, which may vary from situation to situation. 


Attention to Detail 


An experienced video editor will make sure to be nit picky about all the aspects of the video. 


A lot goes into creating the perfect video.From color, to audio, to lighting among other technicalities. 


A portfolio, like mentioned earlier in this post, will show you just how much attention they are giving to every detail of the video. 


Their past work will give you a general idea of what kind of work they will offer.


If their work shows constant mistakes such as the video isn’t color corrected well,the cuts aren’t clean, and the audio is too low or too high, you might want to reconsider finding someone else. 


Of course mistakes happen, but competent video editors will do everything in their power to organize themselves effectively and produce content that meets all of your standards. 




An experienced video editor will stylistically edit the video to follow a certain pace that creates a story.


Video editing is not just random cutting and trimming. 


 A good editor will understand that there's a story to be told and will find the rhythm that establishes a clear picture for the viewer. 


It is not necessarily about following a certain formula, but just like any other form of art, it is about following your emotions and intuition.


 They need to know exactly which type of shots will build the story and they have to craft it just perfectly to keep the viewers engaged.


Some shots need to be cut and some don’t. Your goal is to figure out whether the video editor has the capacity to know what choice to make artistically. 


Although viewers may not be  experienced with the editing process technicalities, they can still pick up on the pace and rhythm the video illustrates. 


Again, referring back to their previous work will help you get a feel if they are the right match for you or not. 


Each video editor you come across will have different experiences and even editing processes, but as long as you focus on finding a video editor that meets these basic guidelines, you will have an easier time hiring the right one. 


We hope these points helped you gain the confidence you need to hire your next video editor.

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