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Video editing

That includes YouTube Video Editing, Social media formatting, and any kind of professional video edits needed. 



You create,

we do the rest

Your professional editor based in the U.S.A can recreate anything. If you need Motion Graphics, intros, outros, transitions, color grading, etc. They can handle it. Unlimited video editing is truly unlimited with Dava Marketing.


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Motion Graphics

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Get more clicks

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Hire an entire team for your YouTube channel. Aside from having a team of professional editors, you will also have a professional graphic designer that can create your thumbnails and social media designs.


You can pair up your unlimited video editing with unlimited thumbnails through our Ultra Plan and take your business to the next level!

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Choose the best plan for you

Format your videos for other platforms

Dava wants to make sure you are everywhere! Your professional editor doesn’t just edit for YouTube, they’ll also get your video formatted for Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and more. Whatever you need, Dava marketing will make sure you’re covered.

Finally, the perfect plans for all creators.

Questions creators ask

What type of videos can you edit?

We can edit almost any kind of video! For example, here are some niches we are currently involved in or have experience in! Real Estate, Vlogs, Educational, Podcast, Well Instructed Voice Overs, Family Vlogs, Trading, Advertisements and so much more. Make sure to check out our examples page where we have multiple examples of what Dava can do. If you are still unsure if we can edit your video, just give us a call at (801) 989-3451.

Why choose Dava over Freelance?

Freelance has always been a hassle for many creators and businesses. Having to find a good editor, being able to find a set schedule with them, language barriers, the list goes on. We like to call what we offer DavaSourcing, when you DavaSource you are given a team where you are always guaranteed a set schedule for communication, editing, design, and any questions you might have. With this professional team you won't need to look for a new editor or designer month after month. On top of all of this, Dava is always expanding departments and will be adding every resource you'll need now and in the future to come.

Does unlimited really mean unlimited?

Yes! For as long as you are a part of Team Dava we will edit as many videos as you need! Of course, as content creators know videos take time. That doesn't mean you can't keep making future requests for upcoming videos though! If you have 100 videos that need to be edited, request them all and we will get started on editing those for you.

Will all the videos still be owned by me?

Yes! All the videos we edit are yours to keep! They are owned by you and you are free to use them anywhere.

Is there a contract?

No contract! Sign up today and get a few videos knocked out this month and then come back whenever you want. Our goal is to take the editing off your hands so you can focus on content and if that means we only do a month's worth of editing for you, then we've got your back!

What is the communication process?

Communication between Dava and your team is simple and convenient. During the onboarding call with your team, you will be able to join a group chat through Slack! This way you will stay updated on your videos whenever you’d like. You will also receive a scheduler through a platform called “Asana” where you will be able see exactly what projects are being worked on and even request changes (Asana is available on both mobile and desktop). On top of all of this you can always give us a call, schedule a zoom call, or just go the old fashion route and send an email.


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