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Thumbnails are a crucial part of YouTube. Having a Professional Graphic Designer take care of your thumbnails and improve them to be the best is essential!


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Take time to focus on

what matters.

Your professional graphic designer based in the U.S.A. will make sure your thumbnails are achieving all your channel goals.


Whether that is to brand your page to have a clean look or push to improve your Click-Through Rate.

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Increase quality,

and save time

We have complete confidence

that we can make any

thumbnail request.

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Our thumbnails work

With the combined efforts of our SEO team and

Professional Graphic Designers.

We developed a formula to help your

thumbnails get clicks.

We also have Unlimited Video Editing.

Some content creators don't take thumbnails seriously. We do, and we can prove that they work.

Improvement in Click-Through Rate is not guaranteed*

Click-Through Rate

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Improve your thumbnails today!


One plan fits all, literally

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Questions creators ask

Can you make any thumbnail?

Yes! We can make almost any thumbnail request. Have a certain thumbnail you want us to create? Send us an example and we can recreate or make something very similar to it.

Does unlimited really mean unlimited?

Yes! For as long as you are a part of Team Dava we will design as many thumbnails as you need! Of course, as content creators know thumbnails take time. That doesn't mean you can't keep making future requests for upcoming thumbnails though! If you have 100 thumbnails that need to be made, request them all and we will get started on designing those for you.

Are the thumbnails still owned by me?

Yes! You will receive a final exported version of your thumbnail. All the thumbnails we make are yours to keep! The final exported version is owned by you and you are free to use them anywhere. (Any Project Files are owned by Dava)

What is the communication process?

Communication between Dava and your team is simple and convenient. During the onboarding call with your team, you will be able to join a group chat through Slack! This way you will stay updated on your videos whenever you’d like. On top of this you can always give us a call, schedule a zoom call, or just go the old fashion route and send an email.

Can I request more than one thumbnail a day?

Of course! You can make as many thumbnail requests a day as you'd like. Just remember that our Designers will be creating one thumbnail per day as well as completing any revision requests. We will let you know once we’ve begun!