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Social media services that elevate & define your brand

A whole new way of managing your social media accounts

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Managing your socials
can take up your entire day

Let us take everything off your hands. Here's how it works.

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Dedicated account manager
and social media strategist

There are many moving parts to properly nurturing a social media presence. Your dedicated account manager will take care of everything from posting to keeping your community engaged.

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Personal graphic design & video editing team

Dava has a reputation for creating high quality, captivating content. Your account manager will be working closely with your team of highly-skilled designers and editors to develop content that elevates your brand on social media. They will make sure that your posts are taken care of and that your account is kept up to date in all aspects.

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Community Management

Nurturing your online community is a key factor in the ultimate success of your social media efforts. We will take care of all DM’s, comments and engage with your community to build and maintain a loyal audience for your brand.

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Content strategy

Our social media specialist will tailor-make a content strategy that is in alignment with your brand and the objectives you are aiming to achieve through your social media. The specialist and your account manager will use data-driven analysis and pivoting to keep your brand’s presence relevant while the digital world constantly evolves.

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Scheduling and posting

Your account manager will ensure that all of your platforms are consistently releasing high quality content, taking away the stress of you having to handle this aspect yourself

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Market analysis followed by development of tailor-made social media strategy

The strategy will be designed utilizing information provided by the organization coupled with data collected from a thorough, product-specific market analysis. Following the development of this strategy, a meeting will be held where the strategy is presented, allowing for the organization to propose any additional adjustments and express final approval.

Performance of market analysis

Comprehensive research performed using information previously provided by the organization in order to make key decisions regarding platforms, content, and user guidelines.

Long term strategy

General guidelines for the organization’s digital presence are established and solidified. Research-based decisions are made regarding the distribution of content on various platforms.

Content Strategy

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Once the master editorial calendar has been established, content will be presented for approval on a weekly basis throughout the long term engagement.

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"When performance is measured and
reported, the rate of improvement accelerates."

We view growing on social media as a puzzle; there are many parts to it, but if put together correctly the result is worth the precision.

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Video is important

A key component of looking good on social media and entertaining your audience are videos. Videos bring your socials to life and invite each individual. Our professional team of video editors are well suited and prepared to take your content to the next level.

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Graphics are important

Apart from video we also wanted to be branded properly. Graphics are a major point in all of social media. With our professional designers they will make sure you look good everywhere.

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Our plans

Find the perfect plan for your needs.
Have any questions? Give us a call.

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