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Why would I pay to edit if I can edit myself?
Editing videos takes a lot of time, we all know that. So why spend your time editing? You should be focused on other aspects of your business. Our goal is to take the editing completely off your hands to save you time.
What kind of videos do you edit?
We edit all types of videos -- from finance to gaming, we do it all. We do exclude voice-overs, wedding videos, & event videos. Depending on what plan you're on, you can receive YouTube videos, social media videos, ad videos, and much more!
How long does it take to edit a video?
Short answer, 2-3 business days. We prioritize high-quality videos. The amount of time we have to edit a video is important to us so we can assure you quality. We also only work on 1 video at a time.
What if I don't like something
If you don't like something or your not satisfied, just let us know & we'll get anything fixed for you. You get unlimited revisions with your plans.
How do you know my style?
Figuring out styles is tough.. but we do this for a living, so we've gotten pretty good at making it quick! We have an onboarding form where we figure out your style! Please understand that the first few videos may take a couple tries to figure out your style. For this reason, we provide unlimited revisions.
Is there a commitment?
No. Our plans are month to month. We never do any kind of contracts to assure you that you can opt out at any moment.
When are you open?
We are open Monday - Friday, 11 am - 7 pm EST. These are our hours of operations.
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