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We're sad to see you go! Here are some thing to keep in mind before you cancel.

- If you are under a contract, you'll continue to be charged until the agreements expiration date has come to an end or your buyout has accrued.

- After you cancel your subscription with us, we'll be removing you and any other team members from Asana and Slack on the last day of your current subscription.

- Your current Google Drive will remain for 30 day from the last day of your current subscription. It will also be deleted after the 30 day period so make sure to download any videos/thumbnails before then!

- We store all of your assets and old projects on our servers, this will also be deleted 30 days from the last day of your current subscription.

- If you would like us to keep your Google Drive and your server assets because you are just taking a pause, there will be a $75/mo subscription to store everything until you are back! This will also guarantee the current price you are locked in if you would like to return at a later date! (This option will be listed on the form)


Dava employees are under a strict Non-Compete agreement which prohibits all Dava employees from working with current or ex-Dava clients. Dava proceeds with legal action on almost every scenario. By being a Dava customer, you also agree to our Terms & Conditions which prohibits all clients from the same action. Please contact with any concerns.

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