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Our founders

David and Vale founded Dava in 2019. Starting off
as a simple video editing duo for stock traders, Dava is now the lead Content Creator Service in the world. Ranging from Vloggers, Real Estate, Medical, Podcast, and many more categories in the content creation space.
Unlike most Creator Based companies, David and
Vale immersed themselves 
in the lifestyle living in
California and working with 
multiple Youtubers and
Content Creators, gaining 
valuable knowledge.
Our founders understand what it takes to be
a creator and the resources required to succeed.
This is why Dava was built and why Dava is for all Creators.


Our mission

Our goal is to provide all the tools & resources a creator needs to succeed.


What are we pushing for in 2022?

1. Become the worlds #1 Creator Based Company

2. Provide new services as in: management, revenue acceleration,
film teams, creator tools, free resources

3. Create new opportunity internally for team members

4. Partner with the biggest brands & creators on the planet.

So let's do this!


Founded in 2019.

Vale Diaz

Strategy Director & Founder

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Vale Co-Founded Dava in 2019 with a goal to help creators succeed. He specializes in strategic growth for all areas of Dava. Including Platforms, Partners, CreateNow, & more. Vale works day in & day out to lead creators to YouTube success.

Pedro Franco

Operations Director

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Pedro joined Dava in the beginning of 2020 as the 3rd team member. Pedro oversees our post-production operations as the Operations Director. He is proficient in various fields but specializes in post production & management. Pedro helps our editors & continues to develop new operational processes.

David Ruvalcaba

Marketing Director & Founder

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David is one of the founders and leaders at Dava. He specializes in marketing and sales, known in the company as the "YouTube Growth Coach". David helps content creators strategize and grow their YouTube channels and or other Social Platforms.

Damian Lopez

Creative Director

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Damian is an expert in all areas of design, with professional experience in social media creation, website design, thumbnail creation, marketing, and branding. Damian works alongside one of the largest esports organizations known as 100 Thieves he is their main thumbnail designer.

Steven Bass

Growth Director

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Steven signed on with Dava in early 2021. Since then he has be crucial part of building several new departments Including(Social media and YouTube Management). Steven now heads up the growth department. Building new and innovative ways to help Dava and Creators grow!

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Linda Hafstad

Platforms Director

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Linda has been in the social media game for years. Working with all types of brands with the mission to elevate their social media's. Linda stepped in as Platforms Director to lead, serve & build operational systems.