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Video Editing

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"Edited Over 10,000 Videos."

"Over 152,826,000 Combined Views."

"Over 100 Satisfied Clients."

Our founders

David and Vale founded Dava in 2019. Starting off

as a simple video editing duo for stock traders,

Dava is now the lead Video Editing Subscription

Service in the world. Ranging from Vloggers,

Real Estate, Medical, Podcast, and many more

categories in the content creation space.


Unlike most Video Editing companies who target

Youtubers. David and Vale immersed themselves

in the lifestyle living in California and working with

multiple Youtubers and Content Creators, gaining

valuable knowledge.


Our founders understand what it takes to be

a creator and the resources required to succeed.

This is why Dava was built, and why Dava is for all Creators.

Founders of Dava David and Vale
Team Dava

Our mission

Here at Dava, our goal is to provide the highest quality media services while also building relationships with our customers, providing resources for their success.


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This past year we became the #1 Video Editing Subscription Service in the world.

1. Became the #1 Subscription Based Video Editing Company

2. Edited over 10,000 Videos

3. Our videos were viewed over 150 million times.

4. New departments were added: Marketing, SEO,

Graphic Design, Social Media, Consulting.

5. We upgraded our look.

And we're just getting started.


Founded in 2019.

Vale Diaz


David Ruvalcaba

Vice President


Meet the team.

Felipe Fernandes

Operations Director

Carsten Ballard
Damian Lopez

Sales Director

Creative Director